TryHackMe - Web Fundamentals

Room: Web Fundamentals

This room is designed as a basic intro to how the web works.

Mini CTF

There’s a web server running on Connect to it and get the flags!

  • GET request. Make a GET request to the web server with path /ctf/get


  • POST request. Make a POST request with the body “flag_please” to /ctf/post

    curl -d "flag_please"

  • Get a cookie. Make a GET request to /ctf/getcookie and check the cookie the server gives you

    With the -c flag, you can write the cookies to stdout if you set the filename to a single dash, “-“.

    curl -c -

  • Set a cookie. Set a cookie with name “flagpls” and value “flagpls” in your devtools and make a GET request to /ctf/sendcookie

    You can pass a cookie header with -b and the cookie in the format “NAME1=VALUE1; NAME2=VALUE2”.

    curl -b "flagpls=flagpls"