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Welcome to Spice Hut!

I first enumerated the box with nmap and found FTP, SSH, and HTTP services running. FTP allowed anonymous login, and I could get and put files into the ftp directory. I ran gobuster to find if that was visible on the website, and I discovered a /files directory with the ftp directory within, i.e. /files/ftp. I dropped a reverse shell over FTP and accessed the PHP file from the website. Once connected, I upgraded to a TTY shell with Python. As user www-data, I found a recipe.txt file in the / directory along with two interesting directories: incidents and vagrant. I copied the suspicious.pcapng file from /incidents to the FTP folder located on the server at /var/www/html/files/ftp, and then used get to retrieve it. I opened it in Wireshark, followed a TCP stream that contained the string “vagrant”, and found a plaintext password being used to try to run sudo as user www-data. That likely phished password allowed me to switch to user lennie. I found user.txt in his previously disallowed home directory. I checked his scripts folder to find an interesting file named which lennie did not have write access to:

echo $LIST > /home/lennie/scripts/startup_list.txt
/etc/ was basically empty but was writable by lennie. I pasted in a reverse shell one-liner, opened up another listener on my attack machine, and ran bash With that I had root and could find the final flag at /root/root.txt.