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Mommy! what is PATH environment in Linux?

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We are given an executable cmd1, its source cmd1.c, and a flag file.


#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int filter(char* cmd){
        int r=0;
        r += strstr(cmd, "flag")!=0;
        r += strstr(cmd, "sh")!=0;
        r += strstr(cmd, "tmp")!=0;
        return r;
int main(int argc, char* argv[], char** envp){
        if(filter(argv[1])) return 0;
        system( argv[1] );
        return 0;

When run, cmd1 overwrites the PATH with a dummy value using the putenv() function:

cmd1@pwnable:~$ env | grep PATH


It then filters argv[1] for the substrings “flag”, “sh”, and “tmp”. If the argument contains one of these, the script ends. Otherwise, the command passed into argv[1] is run by the system with the privileges of the binary.

cmd1@pwnable:~$ ./cmd1 # no argv[1] provided
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
cmd1@pwnable:~$ ./cmd1 cat # PATH doesn't incl. cat
sh: 1: cat: not found
cmd1@pwnable:~$ ./cmd1 "/bin/cat a" # need to supply flag
/bin/cat: a: No such file or directory
cmd1@pwnable:~$ ./cmd1 "/bin/cat flag" # flag is filtered
cmd1@pwnable:~$ cat 'f'l'a'g # obfuscated flag
cat: flag: Permission denied


cmd1@pwnable:~$ ./cmd1 "/bin/cat 'f'l'a'g"